MAP - ( 12/ 61 / 0)

Content Percentage
Total Nitrogen (NH4-N) 12
Phosphorus (P2O5) 61
Potassium (K) 0

•Crystalline fertilizer, fully soluble in water with concentration of 370 g/L.
•Contains high concentration of both phosphorus and ammonium, suitable to be used at early growth stages, since root, vegetables and oil crops obviously need plentiful phosphorus to develop well.
•It is essential for seed germination and root development, at flowering and seed formation.
•Has an acidic effect; which reduces the soil-pH, and consequently increases availability of micronutrients to plants then reduces the need for using micronutrients fertilizers.
•Boosts rooting and improves flowering.
•Increases tillering in grain crops and increases yield and quality.
•Leading to early maturity and productivity.
•Can be used as foliar fertilizer ( 3-5 g/L )