H3 PO4 - 85% (Food Grade)

Chemicals Composition
Phosporus (P2O2) 61%
Phosporus (P) 26.5%
Color Clear Colorless
pH (1 %) Acidic
Density 1.68 K5/L

•Pure food grade phosphoric acid 85%.
•Phosphoric acid is using in producing all phosphate fertilizers.
•Phosphoric acid is also using in adjust hydroponics-pH solutions.
•Phosphoric acid is using as an acidifying agent to give colas their tangy flavor
•It is also used as a rust converter (often called naval jelly or rust killer)
•Phosphoric acid is used as oxidizing agent.
•It is also used as a teeth whitener to eliminate plaque.
•Sometimes it is used for the extraction of citric acid in food industry.
•It can be used for removing hard water stains.
•Free of florin, safely to be used with metal parts of irrigation system. (tupes & pumbs)