CaCl2 94%

Content Percentage
Total Calcium Chloride 94
Calcium Oxide(CaO) 48
Chloride (Cl) 61

pH (10ml/L at 25°c) 7-9
Solubility (10ml/L at 25°c) 600-700 g/l
Bulk Denstiy 2.15 g/cm3

•Use as source of calcium in organic agriculture & acidic soil.
•In petroleum industry as drilling mud additive and drying petroleum fractions.
•To melt the Highway ice in snow countries.
•In cement manufacture to low alkali and as a source of chlorides.
•In dairy manufacture as source of calcium in cheese production.
•In paper manufacture as de-inking and to work with fatty acid soaps on recycled paper
•Lowers freezing point of water in tires of tractors and Loaders machine for better traction.
•In mining as dust proofing and lowers freezing point of water.
•In construction as a soil solidification.
•In chemical industries, to produce calcium salts.