MKP - ( 0/ 52/ 34 )

Nitrogen (N) 0
Phosphorus (P2O5) 52
Potassium (K2O) 34

�Pure crystalline fertilizer fully soluble in water (215 g/L), suitable to be used to feed all crops cultivated under pivot, drip, and sprinkler irrigation systems, and as foliar sprays (3-5 g/L).
�Has an acidic effect, which increases the availability of micronutrients and reduces the need for using micronutrients fertilizers.
�Contains high concentration of both phosphorus and potassium in a special ratio to increase plant immunity.
�Boosts rooting and improves flowering and seed formation.
�Increases plant tolerance against fungal diseases.
�Improves quality of fruits (color - shelf life�etc.).
�Increases the quality of the firmness of tubers and increases their ability to storage.
�Can be mixed with fungicides to increase their efficiency.