Ever Sol
(0/ 0 / 50 + 18 S)
Ever Sol  FULLY SOLUBLE SOP  (0/ 0 / 50 + 18 S)
Potassium (K2O) 50
Potassium (K)  41.6
Sulfur (S) 18
Sulfite (SO3)   46
• Powder fertilizer, acidic, free of chlorine and fully soluble in water. Contains high percentage of K & doesn’t contain nitrogen which makes it more uitable to be used when plants need only K as at maturity stage to improve crop yield and quality.
• Suitable to be used in all fertigatoin systems (Sprinkler/ Drip/Pivot/NFT), and as foliar application (5-8 gm/L) and compatible with a wide range of fertilizers, except those contains calcium (Ca).
• Improves the crop’s nutritional value, taste, appearance and its resistance to deterioration during transport and storage, and its suitability for industrial processing such as in processing tomatoes and making plants more resistant to drought, frost, insects and disease attack.
• Rich in Sulfur; the essential element for oil crops (sunflower, rapes, groundnuts, onion and garlic) and plays very important role in reducing soil-pH and increases the availability of phosphorus and micro element in soil.
• Has a very low salt index making it the preferred potash fertilizer source in areas at risk from soil salinity.
• Can be used in producing liquid or blended NPK fertilizers; due to its complete solubility and high purity as source for K, with less salt problem.