(0/ 0 / 50 + 18 S)
EVER STAND  STANDARD SOP  (0/ 0 / 50 + 18 S)
Potassium (K2O) 50
Potassium (K)  41.6
Sulfur (S) 18
Sulfite (SO3)   46
• Powder-SOP contains 50% K2O and 18% sulfur(S), as essential nutrient elements for plant feeding and can be bulk blended with other straight fertilizers, except for those contains calcium to apply during soil preparation (spreading / ridging/ dressing….etc.).
• It applies to fruit trees orchards before planting or during winter service, or as split application in alluvial and reclaimed soils to feed all kinds of crops especially during fruit stage to increase fruit size and improving taste, firmness and shelf-life.
• Standard formula takes longer time to be completely dissolved in soil compared to soluble-SOP, which make potassium more available for plant for long time and increases K-use efficiency.
• Enhances tolerant of plants against environmental and biotic stresses.
• Rich in Sulfur, which is an important element for some oil crops such as onion and garlic and increases the availability of phosphorus and microelement to be used in soil.