Evergrow Company owns a number of main and subsidiary laboratories, which are fully equipped with the latest and most accurate analysis equipment to analyze raw materials, fertilizer - irrigation water and wastewater – plant- soil and other for their physical and chemical properties and their content of major and minor elements and heavy metals as well. Evergrow Labs are considered as the latest labs in Arab and African world, which provide services of analyses to various sectors interested in the production and the use of fertilizers, such as: - industrial companies- farms- environmental institutions -universities and scientific research institutes and alike. Evergrow Laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation Centre (EGAC), and hold a certificate of quality for laboratories (ISO/IEC17025:2005). Moreover, the company develops an internal and external system to verify the accuracy of the results of the analysis. Laboratories are managed and administrated by highly qualified team. The goals of the laboratory Raw materials and fertilizer analysis during all stages of manufacturing are to ensure and guarantee the quality of the company's products of different fertilizers, acids and chemicals. Closer relationship between the company and its customers is promoted by providing laboratory analysis services for each of the soil, water, plant and fertilizer analysis, and dissemination of the concept of the use of soil and plant analysis in the development of the specialized fertilizer programs based on the actual needs of the cultivated crops and soil fertility. Agricultural companies and big farms increasingly depend on Evergrow labs to conduct the necessary soil and plant analysis instead of sending samples for analysis in foreign laboratories Analysis and services provided by Evergrow laboratories. Soil analysis, and physical and chemical properties analysis are necessary to identify soil fertility and problems related to identifying soil fertility and fertilizer use. Plant analysis determines the sufficiency of macro and micro nutrients, and the pollution with heavy metals in order to identify the efficiency of the proposed fertilization program and to make the necessary adjustments. Water analysis is the analysis of all water quality standards to determine their suitability for irrigation and choosing the suitable irrigation system and fertilizers to be applied. Fertilizers analysis is analyzing both mineral and organic fertilizers to determine their matching with the specifications. Industrial wastewater analysis is all analytical works related to water quality and the environment. Training is holding training courses for engineers of farms on different ways of taking samples of soil, water, plants, fertilizer and processing them in preparation to be sent to the lab for analysis. Soil survey and mapping studies are executing soil survey to the soil, and to identify its suitability for reclamation, cultivation and agricultural investment validity. Analyzing capacity of Evergrow labs: The company analyzed more than 250,000 samples of raw materials, fertilizer, water, soil and alike in the previous calendar year. Evergrow Laboratories are managed and administrated by a highly qualified team consisted of four board members holding doctoral degrees, in addition to more than fifty analysis specialist holding bachelor of science or bachelor agriculture degrees. The main instruments at Evergrow Laboratories: ICP Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer Spectrophotometer Kejldahl for nitrogen determination apparatus pH and EC- meter, Sieve Tester, Hardness Tester. The most important agencies that deal with Evergrow laboratories are the huge farms and international agricultural companies, fertilizer Companies, textile companies, universities and research institutions, shipping and inspection companies, agricultural associations and small-scale farmers, as well as different environment institutions.