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Calcium-Chlorid-(CaCl2)-94% Calcium-Chlorid-(CaCl2)-94%


Use as a source of calcium in organic agriculture & acidic soil.

Used in the petroleum industry as drilling mud additive and drying petroleum fractions.

Used to melt the Highway ice in snow countries as well as enhances tolerant of plants against environmental and biotic stresses.

Used in cement manufacture to low alkali and acting as a source of chlorides.

Used in dairy manufacture as a source of calcium in cheese production.

Used in paper manufacture as de-inking and to work with fatty acid soaps on recycled paper.

Lowers freezing point of water in tires of tractors and Loaders machine for better traction.

Used in mining as dust proofing and lowers the freezing point of water.

Used in construction as a soil solidification

Product Specifications: 




Product Storage: 


Calcium Chloride - CaCL2 should be stored at a temperature between 5 and 30 ̊C in enclosed building capable of protecting the product from direct sunlight and moisture. 

Product inventory should be managed on a first-in,first-out basis to minimize the chance of quality issues arising from moisture absorption that may occur over time. 

Maximum allowed stacking height is 10 for 25 Kg bags and 2 for 1000 Kg bags.