About Us


Evergrow is a leading company in the manufacturing and marketing of specialized fertilizers in Egypt and in the Middle East that started its business in 2006.

The productivity of Potassium Sulfate increases as follow: –

  • First Phase 2015: 90 thousand tons.
  • Second Phase 2016: 180 thousand tons
  • Third Phase 2018: 220 thousand tons
  • Fourth Phase 2019: 360 thousand tons

The company’s production of Calcium Chloride reached almost 6000 tons per month, targeting the Oil & Gas markets to ingest the full quantity.

Calcium nitrate production reached 120,000 MT annually, and other products of NPK, Phosphate, and potassium sulfo nitrate fertilizes for the local market.

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We are managing to achieve the highest quality of production and the fastest delivery to more than 70 countries around the world

Our labs are fully equipped with the latest and the most accurate analysis equipment, they provided analyses

to more than 250,000 samples of raw materials, fertilizer, water, soil and alike in the previous calendar year.

We are analyzing trace heavy metals, Purity, Solubility and sieve to ensure our quality.

We value quality and the meaning of trust. Our products are checked at every level from receiving raw materials to all manufacturing steps and packing.

Our eco- friendly products ensure no solid or hazardous waste harmful to the environment.

Evergrow is branded for high- quality of all its products, as we ensure the product's compliance with the international standards.

We are certified

  • ISO 17025
  • REACH certified
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 45001