Chairman’s Message

In Evergrow we dream big, we believe in our dreams but not only dreams but dreams with goals. To achieve our goals, we need discipline, consistency, and set our approach to achieving sustainability.
Dear Partners, Our goal is to the extent of our contribution to ensure food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. The current global population is in increase and expected to reach unprecedented rates in the coming years. Much more effort and innovation will be urgently needed in order to sustainably increase the global agricultural production in 60-70 percent from the current levels to meet the high demand for foods. Many agricultural products are and will be needed to meet world demands, and increasing the amount of arable land is the logical answer to increase food production. Although, most of the virgin lands are not readily available for agriculture as the lack of fertilizers, biological, and infrastructure needs for crop species. The Board and management team believe strongly that we are on the right strategic path to fulfilling our duties because the economic growth and prosperity depend on sustainable food systems started from the manufacturing of the best fertilizers. From vision to reality, we have deployed a consistent thorough approach over the years to maintain our product as a benchmark for our clients. Our fertilizer products have been formulated to achieve the highest yields in both quantity and quality. Accordingly, we are continually conducting new trials and studies to make our products simply the best by improvement and innovation to meet the international standards. We realized in Evergrow that we have to promote and encourage the responsible use of fertilizers with efficiency to achieve sustainable growth in a more economical, social, and environmentally sound manner. Finally, looking ahead to have great confidence in the future of our company, as our company’s strategic initiatives, and our business philosophy are thanking our diligent and hardworking employees for continuing to provide the highest levels of service to our community and our clients.