The effect of using some sources and types of phosphorus on flowering, fruiting and productivity in some olive trees

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This research was in 2014 and 2015 seasons on Picual and Kalamata olive cultivars. Trees were about 15 years old, planted at 6×4 meters apart in sandy soil, under a drip irrigation system at privet orchard located at Cairo –Alexandria desert road. The research aimed to study the independent effects of foliar application with Mono ammonium phosphate, Monopotassium phosphate, and Urea phosphate at the rate of 1% on flowering, fruit set, yield, oil content and fruit characteristics of Picual and Kalamata olive trees. Results revealed positive effects for improving flowering, fruit set, yield, fruit characters, and fruit oil content, also reduced the number of dropped fruits. The most effective treatment by spraying Monopotassium phosphate (twice), first in the mid of January and repeated in the mid of May that helps to compensate the depletion of mineral nutrient and enhancing tree yield and fruit characters of Picual and Kalamata cultivars.